One thought on “What To Know About The New iPad Mini

  • Some of this is wrong and just making excuses. First the bottom on the iPhone is not on top, it’s on the side. Second it perfectly lines your thumb to the on button on the iPhone when you grab it, so it would be a perfect spot for Touch ID and frankly your almost constantly touching it normally.

    John is right, they should have both touchID and Face ID on the phones. Covid with masks shows there are times when Touch ID is better. Other times Face ID is better. Also for banking and super security things I would like multi factor authentication, it would be super useful.

    Further more and mor over why John is right and Dave is wrong, it’s not thoughtful. The best use case for Face ID and bad use case for Touch ID are laptops and desktop computers. If you’ve ever used windows face tech, it is beyond perfect use when sitting I front of a screen to have your face unlock the computer and takes extra annoying effort to use Touch ID. It is a thoughtless hodgepodge mess. John is completely right and Dave just bullied over John’s great points with apple apologies based on wrong info, ie the button is not on top of modern full screen iPhones.

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