White House Drafts Order to Investigate Alleged Social Media Left-Wing Bias

The white house

The White House is drafting an executive order that would address alleged left-wing bias by social media companies, with an official saying:

If the internet is going to be presented as this egalitarian platform and most of Twitter is liberal cesspools of venom, then at least the president wants some fairness in the system. But look, we also think that social media plays a vital role. They have a vital role and an increasing responsibility to the culture that has helped make them so profitable and so prominent.

A WH official actually used the phrase “liberal cesspools of venom.” What a trashy administration.

Check It Out: White House Drafts Order to Investigate Alleged Social Media Left-Wing Bias

12 thoughts on “White House Drafts Order to Investigate Alleged Social Media Left-Wing Bias

  • White House Drafts Order to Investigate Alleged Social Media Left-Wing Bias. Just keep telling your gullible followers that same story. The left wing bias is no more “there” than the Nazi right hate everyone bias.

  • As they say, facts have a liberal, if not leftist bias. That is, conservative skew, shall we say, to being full of crap. So any system that doesn’t want to be a platform for spreading lies and hate would appear to have an anti-right wing bias.
    Too: No one has a right to any platform. Were the free press part of the First Amendment treated with the (false) absolutism of the Second, Donnie’s base-stroking initiative would be DOA. And every media outlet reporting on same should, were they responsible, note that what POTUS wants is un-Constitutional (and so much for the oath about defending the Constitution. (For me, Donnie’s shitting on the Constitution would be impeachable, but I have standards.)

  • I completely agree with the WH’s phrase “liberal cesspools of venom.” I’ve looked at how Twitter pushes all the “liberal cesspools of venom” comments to the top, under Trumps tweets and shadow bans the positive comments etc. When you take your bias out of the way, you can see more clearly.

    I am also against this executive order since it actually does the opposite of what everyone actually is wanting. Gab summed it up best on their blog when saying:

    “Removing immunity from a publishing platform, like Gab or Twitter, would result in worse outcomes for free speech than simply doing nothing and letting the market sort things out. As a philosophical matter, in the United States the government has no business patrolling anyone’s biases and thoughts, whether they be individuals at a protest or individuals working together as a corporation.

    In a free country a corporation should be free to be biased. Apple censors music to comply with Chinese Communists. Twitter lets Pakistan tell it what users around the world, including Americans, can and can’t say.

    Gab is biased towards American law and freedom.”

    Trump should move to Gab, Minds.com or somewhere else, while stopping using Twitter and everyone else would move there too. The News would still have to cover what he says etc. boosting that service to the top. Killing a huge portion of Twitter’s user base. They will very quickly change how they do things over at Twitter. Trump has the numbers to do that but he won’t since it isn’t in his best interests to do so (numbers games and all).

  • Whether you agree or disagree with the ‘trashy administration’ comment, there is no disputing that trump’s attack on the first amendment continue. This is but another chapter, and it is a very bad thing for this nation.

  • The trouble with the idea of a Liberal Bias is that it ignores how social media works. The opinions and material come from the users. If there is a bias it is because the users post, and repost, and comment on some content over the other.

    The actual reason this is being done is to reenforce the “poor us conservatives. We are so abused by the godless liberal communists. We must stop them for the good of the country.” Narrative. It is utter BS. A flat out lie by the Republicans. One of their more outrageous ones, and as we are talking the Republicans, that is saying a lot.

    If there is a division in the country is is caused by, fed by, and used by a minority of conservatives. This extremist right wing is doing massive damage to what the US used to stand for. Unfortunately enough people will believe the lie to continue the damage.

    Hint: It isn’t liberals on social media that are the bad guys. It is those that use division and fictitious factional hatred to pit one group against the other while they profit from both sides.

  • Excuse me, but is TMO a legitimate news site or just an opinion blog? Now I’m confused.

    I expect to find these kinds of trashy opinions on FaceBook and Twitter (and CNN, and MSNBC, and … ).

  • “liberal cesspools of venom.” – that’s right up their with that bum Agnew’s “Nabobs of negativism” baloney. I don’t suppose while they are wasting taxpayers dollars that they would investigate their OWN ACTUAL “cesspool of venom” and mouthpiece of spin aka FUX News?

  • Human history clearly teaches what is good and bad; what works and what does not work. What makes people prosper, and what ruins people. In the past and even currently.

    1. Human history is a fallacy; told by the Victors as they say; heck even today Israel is pathetically re-writing history based on geological finds that they are spinning to fit their narrative. If History wasn’t such a victim of “historicity” then maybe the human race would’ve evolved from say the Roman Empire but no – we humans despite all the gifts of the past’s knowledge are defective and still haven’t evolved one SINGLE bit.

  • This administration has already defined particular people “enemies of the state” and “enemies of the people” for doing their job. The US is one step away from political undesirables losing t
    Heir rights. THIS is why I left 12 years ago. I saw the handwriting on the wall.

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