Boom3D Review: Is It a Good Audio Enhancement App for Mac?

Boom3D Appearing on a Mac Screen

Whether you listen to music, watch movies, or play games on your computer, optimal sound quality is essential for a good listening experience. You can change numerous settings in streaming apps and on your Mac, but for advanced configuration, consider tools like Boom3D.

In this review, I’ll outline whether you really need an equalizer tool like this and if it’s worth the price. You’ll also learn about the app’s most essential features and how much it costs. Having tested the tool, I’ll also reveal my pros and cons to help you determine whether it’s worth downloading.

What Is Boom3D?

Designed by Global Delight, Boom3D is a tool to help you adjust the volume on your Mac when listening to music and videos. It is available as a downloadable macOS app and has Safari and Chrome extensions.

Apart from music and videos, Boom3D also works with video games. It helps you increase your Mac’s volume beyond what it normally allows, plus you’ll also have various audio effects.

To run the latest version of Boom3D on your Mac, you must at least use macOS 10.14.

Boom3D for Mac Features

Boom3D’s Mac app has several handy features, including integration with AirPlay and Netflix. You can equalize your tracks based on their theme and pick different sound options for movies you watch. Boom3D lets you quickly change sound settings without needing to fully open the app, too.

Below, I’ll discuss Boom3D’s key Mac app features in more detail.

AirPlay Integration

If you regularly use your Mac and iPhone together, you’ll find Boom3D’s AirPlay integration particularly helpful. Once you’ve connected your devices, you can play songs via Apple Music on your iPhone using your Mac’s sound settings.

Here’s how to use Boom3D with your iPhone via AirPlay:

  1. Go to System Settings > General > AirDrop & Handoff.
    An image showing the AirPlay settings in macOS System Settings
  2. Toggle the AirPlay Receiver on.
    Toggle On AirPlay Receiver on Mac
  3. Expand Allow AirPlay For and select Anyone on the Same Network or Everyone, depending on your preferences.
    The macOS
  4. Open Apple Music on your iPhone and go to the AirPlay icon at the bottom, before choosing your MacBook.
    AirPlay Settings for Apple Music on an iPhone
  5. Confirm that you want your iPhone to play music from your Mac on your computer.
    Confirm that you want to play AirPlay on your Mac

Use Boom3D With Netflix

Boom3D also integrates with Netflix, meaning you’ll have more control over your sound when watching movies. To use the two apps together, you should download the extension for Safari or Chrome. Go to the Boom3D app and extend the Netflix icon in the top toolbar to do this.

Download the browser extensions for Netflix in the Boom3D app

Sound Presets

Boom3D has over 15 presets for music genres and moods, and you’ll also notice a general preset for your Mac. You also have one sound preset for gaming and another for movies.

Music genre presets include:


Meanwhile, mood presets include:

Treble boost
Bass boost

You can access each of these presets in the Boom3D Mac app by following these instructions:

  1. Expand the dropdown menu next to Equalizer or Change Presets.
    Change presets in the Boom3D app
  2. Choose your new equalizer preset.
    Pick your preset sound in the Boom3D app

If you want a more complete music experience, you can view your loved songs in Apple Music and add them to your queue.

Quick Sound Settings

Once you’ve opened Boom3D, you can quickly adjust the ambiance, fidelity, pitch, and fidelity. Moreover, you have the option to adjust the surround sound and turn on Night Mode if you’re watching a movie late in the evening.

The Quick Sound adjustment settings in the Boom3D macOS app

Boom3D has a slider to help you change the music volume. And if you expand Apps, you can change the volume within all of your open programs (including Apple Music and Google Chrome).

The App Volume Control Settings in the Boom3D app for Mac


Do you have music files on your Mac but not within a streaming app? If so, you can drag and drop them into Boom3D. Once you’ve done this, the app will add these to your queue. All of your settings will automatically apply to the track.

Drag and drop your songs into the Boom3D app

Boom3D for Mac Pricing

Boom3D costs $14.99 as a one-time purchase. You can also get a 30-day free trial before deciding whether you want to commit (and you don’t need to enter your payment details).

Boom3D for Mac Pros and Cons

Boom3D gives you more control over the music you listen to than what you’ll find on your Mac, with various equalizer and sound adjustment options. Another benefit is that you can control the sound in specific apps and not change the overall volume on your device.

On the negative side of things, Boom3D is only available in English. So, if your native language isn’t English and you’d prefer to use an app in your mother tongue, you’ll have to decide whether that’s a worthy trade-off.

One particular annoyance I found is that the app doesn’t expand to the full size of your Mac screen. Instead, it looks like the image you see below. I would personally prefer to have an app that fits the entire screen, but that might not be a deal-breaker for you.

The maximum size of Boom3D on a Mac

Below is a table of what I think Boom3D does well on Mac computers, and where I think it has room for improvement.

Get a free trial without needing to add your payment detailsOnly available in English
One-time purchase (and a reasonable price of $14.99)The app doesn’t expand for your entire Mac screen
Comprehensive sound adjustment settings for 15+ music genres and moods
Edit movie surround sounds to meet your needs (e.g. turning on Night Mode)
Integrates with Netflix and AirPlay
Control the sound within individual apps

Should You Use Boom3D for Mac?

Boom3D is a simple but effective app for making music, gameplay, and movies, sound better. You can choose from several presets and even integrate with Netflix via browser extensions. It’s also easy to migrate your settings via AirPlay if you want to listen to songs on your iPhone via AirPlay.

Many ordinary users won’t notice a huge difference if they skip using Boom3D for their Mac. However, if you want to control your surround sound and have a more immersive experience, it’s a great tool to use. Besides having a no-strings-attached 30-day free trial, the $14.99 one-time purchase offers good value for money.

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