Top 5 iPad Cases Compatible with the Magic Keyboard

Cases Apple iPad Magic Keyboard Compatible Case

The Magic Keyboard’s tactile keys, function row, and adjustable backlight create a satisfying typing experience. They totally change the way iPad works. My only issue is that finding a compatible case is a real hassle. Since the new lineup comes in different dimensions, only a few big brands have caught up with accessories.

I take my iPad to work daily, so I know how annoying it is to lug around a wireless keyboard separately. Luckily, I found several great options after some digging. Here, I’ll share the best cases from MFi and third-party brands based on protection, style, and value for money.

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Avoid wraparound cases. You need a specialized case with minimal to no covering on the bottom (attachment side) of your iPad. Otherwise, it won’t connect to a Magic Keyboard.

1. CoverBuddy by SwitchEasy

iPad Compatible Magic Keyboard Coverbuddy Case
Image Credits: SwitchEasy

Price: $69.99

CoverBuddy by Switcheasy is a lightweight yet durable iPad case made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It’s available for iPad Pro and iPad Air. You can get it in three sleek, minimalistic designs, which are perfect for formal settings, in my opinion.

What I like about CoverBuddy is that it fits my device perfectly. Its strong magnets and precise dimensions allow for tight, secure locking—I don’t have to worry about flimsy edges. Also, this model supports Apple Pencil 2 charging.

2. MagEZ Case by Pitaka

Black MagEZ Case iPad
Image Credits: Pitaka

Price: $89.99

MagEZ Case by Pitaka is a thin, lightweight iPad case. A unique design element is its aramid fiber woven texture, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Personally, I like how it improves grip.

What makes this option stand out, however, is its firm magnetic attachment for a Magic Keyboard. I’ve always felt uneasy using wobbly cases. They feel like they’ll drop my device after a few months of wear and tear.

3. CitiCover by MagEasy

Black CitiCover Case MagEasy
Image Credits: MagEasy

Price: $69.99

CitiCover by MagEasy is a stylish, durable case textured with a premium carbon fiber-like exterior. The case looks a bit bulky compared to other options. However, it’s also shock absorbent and scratch resistant, plus its bumper corners can withstand a few drops.

A notable feature is its secure yet flexible enclosure. Unlike other brands, you won’t have trouble closing your case even if you install a relatively thick screen protector on your device.

4. Thin Fit Pro by Spigen

Black Spigen iPad Case
Image Credits: Spigen

Price: $54.99

The Thin Fit Pro is a lightweight, stylish iPad case by Spigen. Its exterior is textured in premium, vegan Velo leather, which looks great and is easy to grip. Like CoverBuddy, it also supports Apple Pencil 2 charging.

A unique feature that I particularly like is its raised camera lip. Although barely noticeable, that slight elevation could prevent a lot of hairline scratches on your camera lens. I find it especially helpful as I usually lay my iPad flat on random surfaces. When I’m out camping or hiking, I don’t really have access to smooth tables.

5. Dux Shell Magic Folio by STM

Black STM Dux Shell
Image Credits: STM

Price: $69.95

As of writing, no OtterBox iPad case is compatible with Magic Keyboard. If you need durability and protection, the next best option would be the Dux Shell Magic Folio by STM. It’s a relatively bulky case that can withstand a few more drops and bumps than other brands.

What I like about this case is its transparent background. Apple devices have stylish rear panels, and I’m not a fan of thick cases that enclose them altogether.

The new iPad Air lineup finally comes in a 13-inch model. If you’re eyeing one, you might want to know which available cases are worth your money. Just note that there aren’t so many options yet.

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