Best iPad Air 13-Inch Cases For Protection and Value

The new iPad Air will finally come in a 13-inch model, which means this is also the first time that Apple is releasing 13-inch cases for this series. While some may prefer to keep their iPad naked, having a good case can save you from a lot of accidental damages, e.g., dings, dents, and scratches. With a costly gadget like this, you’d do well to maintain its long-term value.

Not too many brands have hit the market yet, although I’m already seeing some great options. Let’s take a look at my favorite ones.

1. Official Apple 13-Inch iPad Cases

Why not go official for your device? Everyone knows Apple is going to have some options for protection, and the 13-inch iPad Air is no different. Right out of the gate, the Smart Folio ($99.99), and Magic Keyboard ($349) offer some decent protection at an okay price.

More than likely you’ve already had some experience with the Smart Folio, but I’d recommend first-time users going with it if they want basic protection. Personally, I think the Smart Folio is going to do a great job of protecting your screen when not in use, but it may not be best for outdoor use or if you travel with your iPad a lot.

iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard

Meanwhile, the Magic Keyboard is great, as it offers an Apple-quality physical keyboard, although some may want even better protection, or they may not be willing to pay the $349 price tag. Those looking for something a bit studier might appreciate the OtterBox Statement Series Studio Case ($99.95), which will offer far more protection over the Smart Folio.

The offerings Apple provides are going to do a good job of providing protection at a semi-reasonable price. Color options vary, although other retailers are likely to offer more options as they enter the market.

View Apple’s entire selection here.


  • Official Apple products.
  • Decent protection without feeling like you’re using a bulky case.
  • Look and feel like they should go with your iPad.


  • Price can be steep for what you get.
  • Users may want more color options.
  • Other cases can provide more protection.

2. OtterBox: For the Rugged iPad User

Note icon NOTE
The official Apple Store carries the OtterBox studio case, but you’ll get more options at the official OtterBox website.

OtterBox provides some of the strongest cases available. Taking pride in making products that can handle blue-collar work, OtterBox cases are great for those looking for something fantastically durable.

Along with a Folio, OtterBox also provides the Defender Series case (129.95), which can be great for those who plan on taking their iPad on rugged adventures. The company also provides clear protectors, which can help you show off your iPad while still maintaining proper encasement. While OtterBox is going to be great for helping your iPad Air survive an atomic bomb, the color options may not thrill everyone.

View OtterBox’s entire selection here.


  • Different varieties and levels of protection.
  • Rugged protection that is meant to last.


  • Cases may be a bit too bulky for some users.
  • May be too much protection.
  • More color options.

3. Zagg: Style and Substance

Zagg has a couple of selections currently on the market that offer more affordability than the typical Apple products, plus they offer a bit more protection. Currently, the company is producing two different cases for the iPad Air: Crystal Palace ($59.95) and Denali ($79.99).

The Crystal Palace is if a Smart Folio and an OtterBox had a baby, offering both a stylish look and double protection thanks to the Folio-style cover and protective case for the back.

Crystal Palace looks good, but it’s the Denali cases that seem to pull out all the stops. Along with providing a snap-on screen protector, the Denali series also features an Infinity Angle Stand, which helps provide support while you’re streaming your favorite content. I imagine the Denali series is great for those who like to mix business and pleasure.


  • Cheaper than Apple’s offerings
  • Still provides fantastic protection.
  • Zagg uses sustainable packaging.


  • Users may want other options.
  • Crystal Palace may offer too much but can be optional.

4. More Coming Soon

While there are some offerings in terms of cases out there, remember that more are on the way. As of now, I would try and stick to these brands rather than search endlessly for something on Amazon—remember that plenty of companies have yet to drop their cases. For example, I can’t wait to see what CASETiFY comes up with. I think the company is great at delivering unique designs and styles.

As someone who has accidentally broken their fair share of Apple devices, remember that replacing parts of even your entire device can be a nightmare. Of course, there’s also something to be said about living free and trusting AppleCare+ to take care of you. At the end of the day, it’s your money.

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