Apple Vision Pro Is Already being Used For Stomach Cancer Treatment and Surgeries in India

Apple Vision Pro Is Already being used for Stomach Cancer Treatment and Surgeries in India

Apple Vision Pro is being well-received by doctors and surgeons alike from across the world. Following examples coming out of the US, UK, and Brazil, an Indian doctor claims that he has used Apple’s Vision Pro in more than 30 surgeries, so far, and plans to keep using it when needed.

Based in Chennai, the capital of India’s southern region state Tamil Nadu, Dr R Parthasarathy shares his thoughts about Apple Vision. Dr Parthasarathy, a surgical gastroenterologist, highlights the advantages of using these top-dollar mixed-reality headsets in surgeries.

He explained that using Vision Pro has its own benefits, such as, “no delay in transmission” which helps him see things better and stay connected to what’s happening around him. “Whatever I can see in the monitor that displays the laparoscopic surgery can be viewed in this device too. In addition, if I want to view a CT scan, I can simultaneously see it in the device itself. It will display the scan adjacent to the surgery screen,” he tells the media. 

In addition, he claims that his headset is comfortable to wear and has some useful features. Surgeons can easily ask for advice from other experts during surgery or even teach using FaceTime. But what’s really important is that it helps prevent neck pain during long surgeries.

Regarding how technology helps in everyday tasks, he pointed out the drawbacks of old-fashioned surgical screens. With Apple’s headset, surgeons can keep lots of things open at once, like CT scans and MRI scans, without having to glance at just one screen. During laparoscopic surgeries, doctors make small cuts in the belly and put in a camera-like tube to see inside. Usually, what the camera sees is shown on a screen for surgeons to work with.

That said, Apple’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headsets are yet to be released in India officially, but professionals like Dr Parthasarathy are using it to its full potential.


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