Apple Refreshes iTunes for Windows, Adds Support For New iPads

Apple Refreshes iTunes for Windows, Adds Support For New iPads

Apple today refreshed the iTunes app for Windows adding support for the newly launched 2024 iPad Air and iPad Pro models. The update, iTunes v12.13.2, comes on the heels of a previously released update in December last year with some security fixes.

According to Apple, on its security page, the update resolves a vulnerability in iTunes that could result in “unexpected app termination or arbitrary code execution.” The issue has now been “addressed with improved checks.”

For quite a few years, iTunes bid farewell to Mac users, making way for Finder and the TV app. And as controversial as the reason might be (referring to the reviews people leave on Microsoft Store), Apple has kept the Windows version alive and kicking. It comes as a free application, and its better part helps sync content with iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. You can organize your music into playlists, edit file details, record CDs, buy music and videos from the iTunes store, run visualizers, and convert music into different formats.

That said, if you use iTunes on your Windows PC, you’ll want to check if the latest version 12.13.2 is available for you. You can check the same by opening iTunes, heading to the Help menu, and selecting the Check for Updates option. Plus, you can download the latest iTunes 12.13.2 app for Windows from either the official Microsoft Store or straight from Apple’s website. Both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions are available to download. And as you’d expect, it’s available for PCs running Windows 10 and later.

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