macOS 15 Could Feature Redesigned System Settings, Siri, and Other UI Updates

macOS 15 system settings menu redesign

It looks like Apple is treating macOS to a much needed overhaul. Apple could rearrange menus and app UIs thus significantly improving the System Settings app. The overhaul could be one of the largest since macOS Ventura, where Apple drew ideas from iPhone and iPad settings design. 

In macOS 15, General settings will appear prominently below Network settings. This seems like a thoughtful arrangement because of how frequently we access these settings. Apple has also taken steps to group other similar settings such as Wallpaper and Displays under General settings, along with Privacy and Security under Touch ID and Passwords. This menu reordering will lead to a more logical arrangement, making it simpler for users to find and modify their system settings.

But it’s not just about rearranging. There are new design changes that you should know about. For instance, the Siri menu bar icon is getting a minimalist redesign, changing from its current colorful appearance to one with sleek black and white tones. The changes aligns with with an overall push towards bringing more uniformity into the macOS interface. Also, apps such as Calculator and Safari are going to be updated. This will make them similar to their iOS versions and offer consistent experience across the Apple ecosystem.

There are many speculations about other features in macOS 15. This includes Some talk about a Printable Account Recovery Summary option and a new look for AirDrop. These hints show that Apple wants to improve how users experience their products and make sure they stay safe. Apple is scheduled the unveil macOS 15, iOS 18 and much more at the WWDC keynote on June 10.


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