Apptorium Starts Discounts Up to 40% off its Mac Productivity Apps

Sidenotes from apptorium

Apptorium, an indie team from Poland that makes productivity apps for the Mac, announced the start of its 2021 Black Friday sale. Discounts are available from November 22 till November 30.

App Discounts

  • SideNotes US$11.99 (regular price US$19.99), 40% off. Quickly note down on your screen side. Grab your fleeting thoughts before you forget them.
  • Workspaces US$11.99 (regular price US$19.99), 40% off. Open your projects effortlessly. Workspaces gets you working in seconds.
  • ScreenFocus US$4.99 (regular price US$7.99), 37% off. Dim side screens automatically and keep focus on your current task.
  • TeaCode US$14.99 (regular price US$24.99), 40% off. Type your code much faster. Text expanding app for developers.
  • FiveNotes US$2.99 (regular price US$4.99), 40% off. Five quick handy notes in your menubar. Suited for your micro notes.
  • Expressions US$4.99 (regular price US$7.99), 37% off. RegEx app with beautiful user interface. Live preview, library, regex manual.

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