Unclutter Launches ‘The Applaudables’ App Bundle for $75

unclutter applaudables bundle

To celebrate Black Friday 2021, the Unclutter team put together a bundle of 12 Mac apps for US$75, which is a savings of US$275.

The Applaudables

Here’s how it works: You can pick any apps you like for half the price (50% OFF). Or you can get them all together at 78% OFF. Everyone is free to choose the apps they need. Pick one or more products and have them for half the price.

  1. Aeon Timeline 3 – Create beautiful data rich timelines. US$32.50
  2. BetterZip 5 – The next generation of archiving. US$12.50
  3. DaisyDisk – Analyze disk usage and free up disk space on Mac. US$5
  4. Default Folder X – Enhanced Open and Save dialogs for macOS. US$17.50
  5. Path Finder 10 – File Manager for macOS. US$18
  6. Permute 3 – The easiest to use media converter. US$7.50
  7. Squash 3 – Batch resize and optimize images on macOS. US$14.50
  8. TextSniper – Extract any uncopyable text from your Mac’s screen. US$5
  9. TextSoap 9 – Powerful text transformations with just a click. US$25
  10. uBar 4 – The Dock replacement for Mac. US$15
  11. Unclutter – Files, notes & clipboard manager for Mac. US$10
  12. Unite 4 – Turn any website into native app on your Mac. US$12.50

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