2024 iPad Pro Models Tipped to Feature Thinner Bezels Than Previous Models

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We have been hearing rumors about the OLED iPad Pro for a while now, and it’s likely that the device will see the light of day in the near future. Despite the fact that we already know it will likely include a new screen and possibly even the powerful Apple M3 chip, a rumor from renowned Weibo leaker Instant Digital indicates the bezels of the upcoming iPad Pro may be thinner than those of the previous Pro model.

According to the leaker, the iPad Pro 2024 11-inch will have a bezel width of 7.12mm, and 7.08mm for the iPad Pro 2024 12.9-inch.

With these bezel sizes, it would be more than 10% smaller than the iPad Pros from prior generations. Instant Digital suggests that the new 11-inch iPad Pro’s display area is reportedly 161.11 x 233.3 mm, while the 12.9-inch model’s display area is reportedly 199.15 x 265.2 mm.

Moreover, the leaker says that the OLED iPad Pros would go on sale the next week, and there would be “two versions to choose from, glossy and matte screen versions.” Glossy screens are generally more colorful, but they are also more light-reflective and prone to fingerprints. 

Since Apple has previously used a matte finish, there is reason to believe that the matte display won’t have the typical drawbacks. The matte option with nano-texture glass on the Apple Pro Display XDR spares it from the color fading that matte overlays frequently cause on panels. For iPad users who are constantly on the go, the matte option has the potential to enhance and elevate the greatest iPads. 

So, if you want to upgrade from your previous iPad because of a few new features or powerful chips, the next generation of iPad Pros will feel considerably different and might be worth the upgrade. 


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