5 Ways in Which Apple Vision Pro Will Change the Healthcare Industry

Apple Vision Pro Healthcare

In a recent press release, Apple pitches how Vision Pro may benefit the healthcare sector by demonstrating various apps now available on the visionOS App Store.

The company explained how apps that combine digital and real-world content might change how doctors practice, organize procedures, and interact with patients in clinical and home settings.

Here are five ways Apple plans to use Vision Pro as a healthcare solution.

1. Knee Replacement Surgery

Apple says over a million Americans get knee or hip replacement surgery every year. Apple suggests using the myMako app for total hip, total knee, and partial knee replacements to improve the surgery outcomes. 

It says this app could help patients after the surgery, such as less pain and shorter recovery times, compared to traditional joint replacement surgeries. 

2. Immersive Training on Medical Equipment

Apple offers a Vision Pro app called CyranoHealth to help with some time-consuming training and onboarding issues that healthcare personnel encounter.

CyranoHealth emphasizes proficiency with modern medical devices, such as medical infusion pumps, which boosts self-assurance and lowers anxiety in frontline staff members. 

Through this immersive, multipurpose approach, students can become acquainted with the most recent developments in healthcare technology, helping to equip them to deal with obstacles they may face in the real world.

3. Interactive Holograms of The Human Body

Apple Vision Pro Healthcare

With the Cinematic Reality app, Apple allows surgeons, medical students, and patients to witness dynamic, immersive holographic representations of the human body in their actual environment thanks to Apple Vision Pro. 

To make this work, Apple says this application combines path-tracing technology with Metal and the M2 processor’s capabilities to simulate light interactions with virtual objects and produce realistic lighting and reflections. 

4. Check Healthcare History and Review Lab Reports

Apple Vision Pro Healthcare

When a healthcare professional works with a patient, medical records are essential for knowing their medical history and identifying new chances to support better health outcomes.

The Epic Systems’ Epic Spatial Computing Concept for Apple Vision Pro lets doctors and clinicians easily complete charting, review labs, communicate securely through chat, and complete In Basket workflows. 

5. Mental Health Support

Apple also offers an app called Xaia for Vision Pro that takes care of patients’ mental health needs by providing them with AI-enabled, conversational mental health support in soothing spatial spaces to practice meditation and deep breathing exercises through its trained digital avatar. 

Moreover, patients can have immersion therapy sessions in settings that are most comfortable, such as their room or a beach. The app’s primary focus is privacy, so it doesn’t ask for personal or health information.


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