How to Fix 3D Movies Not Working With Apple Vision Pro

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The Apple Vision Pro is one of the best ways to experience 3D movies, but some users report problems with 3D movies not working. In these situations, the Vision Pro has an option to play the movie in 3D, but it then proceeds to play the movie in 2D. While Apple hasn’t provided a ton of details about this problem, we did find out some information.

Can You Watch 3D Movies on the Apple Vision Pro

Apple consistently touts the Vision Pro as a spatial computer that lets the wearer interact with the world around them while being completely immersed. However, one of the key capabilities of other VR headsets is the ability to watch 3D movies.

Apple’s Vision Pro supports 3D movies and “Immersive Video,” but you can only use the Apple TV app or select streaming services. That is a major problem for people who already own 3D movies elsewhere. Many streaming apps on the Vision Pro do not support 3D video playback.

What Causes Movies 3D Movies Not to Work on Vision Pro

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Trying to watch a 3D movie in any app other than Apple TV will result in the video playing in 2D. Apple is very protective of the content users can access on Vision Pro. One way they are doing so is by pushing users to purchase as much content as possible directly from Apple, or one of their partners.

3D movies purchased or rented through Apple TV should work without an issue. However, services like MoviesAnywhere do not have 3D playback on the Vision Pro. One strange example is Amazon Prime Video because you can watch 3D content that is free with Prime Video. However, you cannot watch 3D movies purchased or rented through Prime Video.

How to Fix 3D Movies Not Working on Vision Pro?

The good news is that your Vision Pro is not broken or malfunctioning if it doesn’t play movies in 3D. The downside is that there is no simple fix for getting 3D movies you already own to play on the Vision Pro. It doesn’t look like Apple has any intention of changing this at the moment. That means the only way to watch 3D movies on your Vision Pro is to buy or rent them from Apple.

Unfortunately, people who already own digital copies through other stores such as Sony, Amazon, or Vudu must purchase or rent the movies again through Apple TV. The only workaround is manually uploading a 3D video file to the headset or accessing one in iCloud. After that, you can watch the movie in 3D from there using the headset’s built-in video player.

Where Can I Find Supported 3D Movies?

You can watch all of the 3D movies from the Apple TV app on the Vision Pro. Apple hasn’t published an official list, but a few websites track the currently available ones. New movies are added regularly, so if your favorite isn’t available yet, check back in a few weeks. The easier way to check is to visit the Apple TV app on your Vision Pro headset and add a filter for 3D movies.

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