Apple Finally Unveils Its AR Headset Known as Vision Pro

a man using the Vision Pro headset

At the WWDC 2023, Apple finally unveiled its much-talked-about augmented reality (AR)/Mixed Reality (MR) headset which is now known as the Apple Vision Pro. Cupertino calls it its first spatial computer that blends digital content with the physical world. Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “It’s the first Apple product you look through, and not at.” Let’s dive into what the Apple Vision Pro has to offer in terms of features and functionality.

Apple Vision Pro Promises To Bring New User Experiences

Apple Vision Pro

With the Apple Vision Pro, Cupertino promises to bring a new dimension to personal computing. Apple’s AR headset aims to change the way users interact with their favorite apps. Yes, you guess it right, expect to see your favorite iOS apps come to life in the Apple Vision Pro environment. Additionally, the headset will let you capture and relive memories, enjoy TV shows and movies, and connect with friends and family through FaceTime.

The Apple Vision Pro features two ultra-high-resolution displays that can transform any space into a personal movie theater with a screen that feels 100 feet wide and with an advanced Spatial Audio system.

Hence, those who will get the Apple Vision Pro can watch movies including 3D movies, and TV shows. The Apple Vision Pro comes with the Apple Immersive Video featuring 180-degree high-resolution recordings with Spatial Audio. Simply put, the Apple Vision Pro will surely delight folks when it comes to entertainment features.

While the new 15-inch MacBook Air might not seem remarkable next to what Vision Pro offers in terms of display size, it was a much-needed upgrade.

The Interface of Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro VisionOS

Together with the Apple Vision Pro itself, Apple is also bringing in the new VisionOS, the device’s main operating system. VisionOS will allow you to browse rows of app icons by looking at them. It’s also controller-free, you can tap to select and flick to scroll and it recognizes voice commands.

In addition, the Apple Vision Pro supports Bluetooth accessories such as the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Even more interesting is the fact that the Apple Vision will let you connect and use your Mac inside the headset.

Specs and Other Physical Details of the Apple Vision Pro

When it comes to physical design and specs, the Apple Vision Pro features a glass front and an aluminum frame. The device has five sensors, 12 cameras, a 4K display for each eye, and a computer with a cooling fan.

The Apple Vision Pro comes with a cloth-lined headset mask and strap. Apple calls them the “Light Seal” and “Head Band” respectively. Both the mask and strap can flex to fit into a variety of face shapes and head sizes. The “Head Band” fits around the back of the head and will be available in different sizes and styles.

Finally, the Apple Vision Pro uses an M2 chip together with a new chip branded as the R1. Speaking of, you must take a look at what Apple’s new M2 Ultra chip has to offer.

The Apple Vision Pro Will Not Isolate Users from the Real World

Apple Vision Pro FaceTime

As mentioned during the announcement at the WWDC 2023, Apple said the Vision Pro will not isolate users from the real world and the people around them. As such, the headset will display the user’s eyes with a system that Apple called EyeSight. The headset will also create a digital “persona.” This is a hyperrealistic avatar created by scanning your face.

Additionally, the Apple Vision Pro uses passthrough video. This will let you see the real world in full color through the headset. It will also allow you to project 3D objects into real space including pulling objects out of a message thread and out into the real world.

Final Words

In case you’ve been following the rumors and speculations about Apple’s AR/MR headset for years, well this is it. Cupertino finally unveiled what others consider as the direct competitor of Meta. However, judging by its features and functionality, it seems that the Apple Vision Pro has more things to offer. And the fact that Apple plans to seamlessly integrate the Apple Vision Pro into its current ecosystem, the headset will probably earn the enthusiasm of many people who have been waiting for it.

But the question is, would consumers be willing to shell out $3,499 to enjoy the features and functionality mentioned above? That would be interesting to find out.

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