Infographic with 58 Interesting Facts about Bitcoin

58 Insane Facts about Bitcoin

An interesting Bitcoin infographic crossed my desk this weekend. The title—”58 Insane Facts About Bitcoins”—is a tad hyperbolic, but it is for sure 58 very interesting facts about Bitcoin. If you’re curious about Bitcoin, many of them may be new to you.

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There’s one error in the infographic dealing with a mention of Silk Road. Silk Road was the first major marketplace for Bitcoin that included a wide variety of legal and illegal goods and/or services. It was shut down in 2013 after the FBI arrested the site’s operator— Ross William Ulbricht (a.k.a. Dread Pirate Roberts). The Infographic mentions that 5% of Bitcoin transactions take place on Silk Road, but that should be a past tense reference, as Silk Road is no longer open.

Another tidbit is that the FBI owns some 1.5% of the world’s Bitcoin supply, as mentioned in fact #13. Unstated in the infographic is that most of that came about due to the above-mentioned seizure of assets related to SilK Road.

I should also note that the Infographic was developed Bitcoin Play, a casino whose services I’ve not tested.

58 Insane Facts about Bitcoin

Courtesy of: Bitcoin Casino

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Cool infographic, thanks for sharing!


Has anyone checked the bitcoin values after the recent China deal????
What was the drop???