9 New Facts about Apple Park

TMO Drone Shot of Apple Campus 2.0

We learned some new factoids about Apple Park—formerly known as Apple Campus 2.0—courtesy of The San Jose Mercury News. In coverage to the South Bay Transportation Officials Association, Cupertino public works director Timm Borden and senior civil engineer David Stillman offered up nine things I didn’t know about Apple Park.

TMO Drone Shot of Apple Campus 2.0
Apple Park, from December 2016

9 New Facts about Apple Park

  • It’s roughly a 10 minute walk from the parking garage to the main building.
  • Apple will kick in some US$1.3 million to the Valley Transportation Authority and Caltrans to “help mitigate the freeway segment impacts.”
  • The Valley Transportation Authority had already allocated some $750,000 to address traffic-related issues affecting neighborhoods adjacent to Apple Park.
  • Apple will have 1,000 bicycles on campus for employees to use when sheening around the campus.
  • All told, there will be 2,000 bicycle parking spots throughout Apple Park.
  • Apple’s current headquarters at Infinite Loop have, “a 28 percent transportation demand management rate.” That means 28 percent of Apple’s employees get to work in some way other than a single-occupancy vehicle.
  • Cupertino is planning on those numbers carrying over to Apple Park, but hope it increases to 34 percent. The Mercury News didn’t specify, but there are “potential penalties” in place if Apple doesn’t hit those numbers.
  • Apple isn’t planning to close any other buildings once Apple Park opens up. The company has offices all over Cupertino, Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Santa Clara.
  • My favorite factoid was this: When HP owned this property, 30 percent of it was landscaping (i.e. plants and such), while 70 percent was parking and buildings (i.e. ground coverage). Apple has flipped those numbers with Apple Park, with 70 percent landscaping and 30 percent ground coverage.

The San Jose Mercury News has some additional information from the above-mentioned presentation. Apple Park is scheduled to open in April of this year.

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