AAPL Falls, Taking Firm Below $1 Trillion Valuation

AAPL upside down

twApple stock fell Monday, taking the company below the $1 trillion valuation mark. AAPL was at $228.08 a share when the markets opened Monday but was around the $220-$225 a share range at the time of this writing.

AAPL upside down

Coronavirus Outbreak Causing AAPL to Fall

Over the last 52 weeks, AAPL stock had been worth as much $327.85 a share. The fall is, of course, down the ongoing coronavirus outbreak which has rocked global markets. Apple specifically has faced a slow down in its manufacturing operation, much of which is in China. This could potentially slow the arrival of new products. Ironically, the fall in Apple’s stock market valuation on Monday meant that Microsoft was the only  US firm worth $1 trillion or more.

Apple regained its $1 trillion market back in September 2019, and returned to that point once again in October. With the current fall in share price, Apple’s market cap sits at around $967 billion.

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