Insurance Customers Could Earn a Free Apple Watch With Aetna Attain

Back in January insurance company Aetna announced a wellness program involving the Apple Watch. The program has officially launched, and customers could earn a free Apple Watch through the Aetna Attain app. (via 9to5Mac).

Aetna Attain

The program—called Attain—is based on four components:

  • Rewards
  • Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep

Screenshots of Aetna attain app

Depending on your insurance plan, you could be eligible to earn an Apple Watch. If you order a base model Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm) following instructions through the Attain app, you can earn it with points over 24 months. All you’ll pay now is a one-time activation fee of $15 plus sales tax. Or you can upgrade to a different model or add different features for an additional up-front cost and earn points to pay off the remaining balance.

If you’re an Aetna customer, download the app and find out your eligibility status.

One thought on “Insurance Customers Could Earn a Free Apple Watch With Aetna Attain

  • yes, I signed up for the program since I already lead a healthy active lifestyle, so why not get a “free” Apple Watch. The threshold to earn points is unreasonably high and you do not receive a watch up front as the program suggests. It very much depends on the insurance plan you have with them and they are not transparent at all about that. In fact they are subsidizing their business model for lower costs based on the fact that you already have a watch and are giving up metrics that they will later use against us all in increasing our premiums if we do not meet this same threshold. This is the ultimate trojan horse. “Here, give us all this valuable data and maybe, just maybe we will give you a dinky gift card at the end of the month to buy more crap.” How about you give me some of my premium money back or eliminate my copay or lower my deductible.

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