Summarize Articles With My AutoTLDR Shortcut

In some places on Reddit, there is an AutoTLDR bot that will summarize articles and post it in the comments.summarize articles with Andrew's autotldr shortcut as shown in this image

[Change App Icons on iOS With This Shortcut]

Summarize Articles

This inspired me to create an AutoTLDR shortcut, because there is no way to use the bot manually. It uses the website SMMRY, and requires you to create a free account and get an API key, which you can do on this page.

The reason is that free accounts are limited to 100 API requests each day, and if multiple people used my API key the limit would be quickly reached. Put your key in the text box that says “API KEY.” Leave the second text box blank. That creates the paragraph break by hitting the enter key twice in the box.

This is the first complex shortcut I’ve done, and I had fun tinkering with it over a couple of days. I look forward to possibly getting Shortcuts on macOS, and I hope Apple continues to add more actions.

Download: AutoTLDR Shortcut

[iOS 12: How to Make Your First Shortcut and Add a Siri Command]

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