‘Airthings’ Devices for Indoor Air Pollution Available to Preorder

airthings monitor indoor air pollution

Airthings makes sensors for indoor air quality and radon monitors. Announced at CES 2022 they are now available to preorder. The two new products serve as an extension to Airthings’ View Series, joining the brand’s flagship View Plus air quality monitor, which first launched in 2021 and is already available and shipping worldwide.

Monitor Indoor Air Pollution

  • View Pollution (US$199) is Airthings’ first product that is primarily dedicated to measuring particulate matter. Measuring both PM 1.0 and 2.5, View Pollution tracks the particle size range that poses the most direct risk to our health, along with temperature and humidity, View Pollution is ideal for city dwellers, who are most frequently exposed to pollutants caused by the presence of construction activity, vehicle exhaust, and airborne chemicals. It’s also a great solution for residents with fireplaces or who live in wildfire-prone areas and at an increased risk of breathing in smoke, which can be very harmful to those with respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma.
  • View Radon (US$199) is the most advanced radon monitor on the market. Airthings has become the trusted industry leader in smart radon monitors over the last decade and is continually developing their radon sensor technology to ensure it is the most accurate, robust and sustainably designed on the market. As the leading cause of lung cancer among non- smokers, continuous monitoring of this naturally occurring, odorless and colorless gas is critical to preventing life-threatening illness.
  • View Plus (US$299) is the ultimate do-it-all device, monitoring for the omnipresent threat of radon, carbon dioxide, pollution, wildfire smoke, allergens and many more threats, making it the best option for those looking to maximize the amount of air quality information at their fingertips.

View Plus and View Pollution have a battery life of up to two years and View Radon extends it even further to three years, even with WiFi connectivity. All View Series products can also act as a hub, bringing other Airthings monitors in the same building online.

All View Series devices have a calm tech screen, are wireless and offer access to your data
anytime, anywhere through the Airthings app and online dashboard – making it easier than ever to transform indoor air quality from an invisible threat to a visible, understandable, and controllable aspect of your life.

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