[Updated] Amanda Gorman Discusses Biden Inaugural Poem on Oprah Apple TV+ Show

Amanda Gorman on The Oprah Conversation

A discussion between Oprah Winfrey and Amanda Gorman premiered exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 26. The poet, who appeared at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, featured in an episode of The Oprah Conversation.

Oprah and Amanda Gorman Discuss ‘The Hill We Climb’

Ms. Gorman was named the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate in the U.S.. She is also the country’s youngest-ever inaugural poet. Indeed, she and Oprah discuss the poem she delivered that day – The Hill We Climb – during the episode. This includes exploring her writing process for the work. They also discuss literary sources of inspiration for Ms. Gorman. When she announced Ms. Gorman as a guest, Oprah commented:

Amanda Gorman is a young woman who stepped into a moment in history with enormous grace and dignity. I was enthralled by her youthful spirit from the first moment we met, and very much looked forward to hearing her unpack all that has happened to her the past few months.

[Updated March 26 to indicate episode is now live.]

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