Apple Announces 745 Million Paid Subscriptions, Primephonic Features Coming to Apple Music

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Apple announced that it now has 745 million paid subscriptions either to its services or connected to third parties via the App Sore. The company also revealed on Monday that some of the features of Primephonic are set to be integrated into Apple Music later this year.

Now 745 Million Paid Subscriptions, Apple Says

Reflecting on the last year Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services revealed that the number of paid subscriptions through Apple.  “Apple’s world-class portfolio of services proved essential in 2021, as people worldwide sought new ways to keep entertained, informed, connected, and inspired,” he said. “With 745 million paid subscriptions, Apple continues to connect the world’s developers, artists, and storytellers with users across more than a billion devices, delivering powerful tools, content, and experiences that enrich their lives in profound ways every day.”

Elsewhere, the company revealed that App Store earnings for developers have now reached $260 billion since its launch in 2008.

Primephonic Features Coming to Apple Music This Year

Apple purchased Cupertino classical music streaming service Primephonic back in August 2021. We had not seen much use of it yet. Today’s announcements all underline just how essential the services business has become to Apple and how much of a push it is going to make in this space in 2022.

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