Apple Acknowledges iPhone Alarm Bug, Promises Fix Is On The Way

While iPhones may be one of the best buying options available, it doesn’t make them entirely immune to bugs. As a result, we often come across bugs every once in a while. Several user reports have emerged across social media over the last few weeks, claiming that iPhones’ alarms have a bug that stops them from properly playing sound.

Now, Apple has acknowledged this iPhone alarm bug and confirmed that it’s working on fixing the issue. Cupertino confirmed the development to The Wall Street Journal’s tech columnist Joanna Stern.

“Today Show called me last night and said iPhone alarms aren’t working! I hadn’t heard that but Apple confirmed this AM that it is aware of an issue causing some alarms not to play a sound and that it’s working on a fix,” wrote Stern in a post on X.

While we don’t officially know the reason behind this bug, it’s speculated that it may be due to an ongoing glitch with the Attention Aware feature on iPhones. For reference, Attention Aware is supposed to quiet down alerts when you’re looking at your iPhone. If this feature is bugged and wrongly believes that you’re facing your iPhone when you’re not, it mistakenly lowers the volume.

Now that Apple is working on this bug, we might expect the company to fix it with the next minor update or as a separate update in the coming days. In the meantime, you can rely on our guide to resolve this issue before an official rollout.


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