Apple in Talks for Animated Feature Film that Could (But Won’t) Hit Theaters

The Breadwinner, the most recent film from Cartoon Saloon

Apple is in talks with an Irish animation house for a feature film, according to Bloomberg. Oscar-nominated Cartoon Saloon is more than a year away from completing the film, and Apple is talks to purchase the rights. What’s interesting is industry-speculation that the film could hit theaters, even if Apple buys it.

But ignore that speculation. At this stage in the game, if Apple buys the rights to a film, it will be to bolster its not-yet-announced video streaming service. While Apple could have its eye on being an even bigger player in the feature film business, all of its content-related resources are focused on establishing its streaming service as a go-to place for original video content.

Some of the speculation about this film possibly hitting theaters is that a cinema run is required for an Academy Award (Oscar) nomination. Cartoon Saloon has already earned such a nomination, ipso facto theater speculation. Note that Bloomberg didn’t cite specific sources saying that was a possibility.

The Breadwinner, the most recent film from Cartoon Saloon
The Breadwinner, the most recent film from Cartoon Saloon

In any event, the deal could still fall apart. If Apple can put a ring on it, it would be the first movie the company has purchased. Its other content deals have been scripted TV shows being developed from the ground up within Apple’s new World Wide Video infrastructure. This deal is for the rights to a film already being worked on.

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