Apple Announces macOS Ventura at WWDC

macOS Ventura Unveiled at WWDC

During the keynote Monday kicking off WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the newest version of its macOS operating system. Called macOS Ventura, it brings new features to help users stay focused and get more done. Features like Stage Manager and Continuity Camera help customers keep up with their work no matter which device they’re using.

Stage Manager, Handoff for FaceTime and Continuity Camera

The latest version of macOS will offer a new way for users to remain focused on the task at hand. Stage Manager provides a new way of managing apps and their associated windows. Stage Manager automatically organizes all open apps and windows, allowing users to concentrate on their work while still having easy access to other apps. The same feature also comes to iPadOS 16.

Using Handoff and Continuity, users will be able to integrate all their Apple devices in ways they never could before. Continuity Camera will allow them to use their iPhone camera as a webcam for the Mac, without any need to wake or select it. Continuity Camera fully supports Center Stage and Portrait mode. It also introduces a new Studio Light feature to dim the background while illuminating the user’s face.

New to the Handoff functionality, users will be able to easily transfer FaceTime calls from iPhone or iPad to Mac, and vice versa. You’ll be able to start a call on your Mac, then shift it to the iPhone or iPad when you need more mobility.

macOS Ventura Provides Powerful App Updates and Features

Turning to Safari, Apple is giving users a new way to collaborate even while browsing. Using shared Tab Groups, users can share their favorite sites in Safari and see what tabs others in their group are looking at in real time. The browser will also feature a shared Start Page with bookmarks, or start a Messages conversation or FaceTime call with just a click.

Apple is also bringing its built-in Mail app more in line with third-party offerings. The Cupertino-based company has revamped search from the ground up, allowing you to start typing and have results start appearing immediately. Other new features (that competing email apps have offered for years) include automatically detecting if attachments or recipients are missing from an email.

Users will also be able to unsend messages after hitting send, schedule delivery for a later date and time, and set reminders to come back to a message according to a particular schedule.

Messages on the Mac, too, sees improvements. Users will be able to edit or undo a recently sent message. They’ll also be able to mark a message as unread or recover an accidentally deleted message.

Photos will now offer a shared iPhoto Library to help make sure family groups enjoy all the photos they take together or apart. It supports photos and videos, which appear in each user’s Memories and Featured Photos to provide more complete family moments.

A Step Towards a Future Without Passwords

In macOS Ventura, browsing in Safari moves closer to a future without passwords. In collaboration with the FIDO Alliance, Safari introduces passkeys. These are next-generation credentials that stay on the device and are never stored on a web server.

This means hackers won’t be able to trick users into revealing their credentials. Passkeys will make it simple to securely sign in, using Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification. The feature uses iCloud Keychain to sync passkeys amongst all of your Apple devices. Apple even provides a way to generate a QR code so non-Apple devices can utilize the passkeys.

Apple will put macOS Ventura through its beta cycle, including the public beta option. In fall 2022, Apple plans to release macOS Ventura as a free software update for all compatible Mac models.

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