Apple May Aim to Boost AirPods Sales by not Including Headphones in iPhone 12 Box

The iPhone 12 may be the first iPhone to not come with headphones in the box. The often-quoted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple may not offer EarPods with the forthcoming smartphone in a bid to boost AirPod sales (via 9to5 Mac).

No Headphones in iPhone 12 Box to Boost AirPods Sales

Furthermore, Mr. Kuo suggested that Apple might heavily promote or even offer discounts on AirPods and Pros as we approach the 2020 holiday season. New models of them are not expected until some time in 2021. Apple currently sells EarPods for $29, AirPods from $159, and the Pro version for $249.  Elsewhere in the note, Mr. Kuo increased his sales estimates for Apple’s wireless headphones to 93 million units, up from 80 million units.

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Not believing that. The earbuds cost Apple, what a buck? No biggie to throw those in the box. Not providing headphones makes them look really stingy. And greedy

Lee Dronick

Or they may include a pair of AirPod Amateurs as a gateway to get people into using them for all Apple devices. The end result being to people hooked on the Pros