FileMaker 19 Supports Third Party JavaScript Libraries

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Apple subsidiary Claris announced today the release of FileMaker 19. It adds features like AI via Apple’s Core ML, drag-and-drop add-ons, and the ability for developers to build custom apps using third-party JavaScript libraries.

FileMaker 19 Features

  • Plug-and-play add-ons can be created and sold in the Claris Marketplace to extend your database’s functionality.
  • Custom apps can be extended with JavaScript libraries, or create custom code like embedded maps, animated graphics, and data visualization.
  • Smarter apps can be powered with Core ML, Siri Shortcuts, and NFC tag reading. Other smart features include image classification, sentiment analysis, and object detection.
  • FileMaker Cloud lets developers speed up app deployment by making apps instantly shareable.
  • FileMaker Server can now be hosted on Linux, in addition to already supporting macOS and Windows.

FileMaker 19 example

Claris CEO Brad Freitag:

As cost pressure grows in our rapidly-changing world, companies need to innovate quickly to boost productivity and deliver for their customers. That critical agility is at the core of FileMaker 19 as we open the Claris Platform to the most popular programming language on the planet. We’re excited to see what our 50,000 customers will do with a growing set of add-ons and the ability to integrate any of the millions of JavaScript packages.

Pricing starts at US$15 per user per month.

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