Apple Card Users Struggling to Purchase iPhone 13

Apple Card displayed on an iPhone.

Pre-orders on the iPhone 13 opened Friday. However, those trying to buy one with an Apple Card are having problems, according to CNBC (and lots of annoyed Twitter users).

Apple Card Users Facing iPhone 13 Purchasing Problems

At the time of this writing, there was no explanation as to why users were facing such problems. Apple itself had not commented. It’s likely this is just a system overload issue or similar.

It is still possible to order an iPhone 13 with a different credit card. However, many customers who do this will be unhappy at missing out on the three percent cashback they would have got from their order when paying by Apple Card.

One thought on “Apple Card Users Struggling to Purchase iPhone 13

  • So, order later. Personally, I would never order a phone without first seeing one in person if for no other reason to be able to be sure of the colors. I would hate to be stuck with a phone that I hated because the Product Red looked like tomato red for example. That said, I’m the kind of person whose first iPhone was a 5C because I couldn’t see spending more for a phone with which I had no personal experience. Color me cheap.

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