Apple CarPlay to Soon Appear on Motorcycles

Move over cars; Apple CarPlay is about to hit the road on two wheels. Nepali EV startup Yatri Motorcycles has announced its P1 Gen 2, the world’s first two-wheeler to integrate wireless Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto).

Traditionally, Apple CarPlay has been a perk reserved for car owners. Yatri’s integration will now let riders access iPhone functions directly through a motorbike’s display. Apple CarPlay integration has functionalities like voice-controlled music playback, keeping your focus on the ride and your favorite music on.

Image by SpillMeBeans

Apple CarPlay seems to be an important feature, especially for cars. Recently, a study revealed that over 35% of buyers won’t purchase a car without Apple CarPlay. I wonder if this could also be the case for bikes once the integration of CarPlay becomes more common and well-known.

While the official launch date remains under wraps, rumors point to a 2024 release for the P1 Gen 2. Pricing details are also yet to be revealed, but considering the original P1’s starting price of Rs 565,000 (approximately $4,240) in Nepal, expect the P1 Gen 2 to be a premium offering.

With CarPlay 2.0 coming soon, which seems to be all about customization, carmakers can include their brand identity through layouts and gauges on the dashboard displays. I wonder if bike manufacturers can use it in their own vehicles.

Being a bike rider myself, it would make it so much easier to navigate maps. Currently, my option is my Apple Watch, which isn’t that bad. Before the Apple Watch, I used to navigate via my AirPods through voice instruction, which, in all honesty, isn’t very safe, and the routes can get quite complex. You tend to miss some turns because of the confusion.

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