Over 35% of Buyers Won’t Purchase a Car Without Apple CarPlay, Study Reveals

A recent study points out a big issue for car buyers: many won’t consider a car if it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay. As you know, Apple CarPlay is the company’s proprietary system that links your iPhone to your vehicle. It’s said that 35% of people wouldn’t buy a regular car without Apple CarPlay, according to a study conducted by McKinsey & Co. (via Carscoops). In addition, 30% of people interested in cars wouldn’t buy one if it lacked CarPlay or Android Auto.

This means more and more buyers insist on having these features in their cars before making the final purchase. Of course, there’s an option to go for an aftermarket Android Auto or Apple CarPlay head unit, but why wouldn’t one want to have it pre-installed?

Furthermore, the study also asked people what they would do if their cars didn’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Around 35% said they would use the regular entertainment system in their vehicles instead. More than half, about 52%, mentioned they would use their smartphones for connectivity. About 14% said they would consider buying a different car brand next time.

During the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 24) last week, Apple reconfirmed that it’s working on the next generation of CarPlay. It promises dynamic features like real-time updates on tire pressure and EV charging status. Apple has announced that the update will roll out later this year for compatible vehicles, but specifics are still under wraps. So far, Aston Martin and Porsche are the only manufacturers confirmed to support the new CarPlay in 2024.

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