Soon You’ll Talk to Videos: Apple Patents New Voice-Controlled Video Overlay

apple video overlay assistant patent

Apple is working on a new “Digital Assistant for Providing Graphical Overlays of Video Events,” according to the latest patent. This feature will allow for real-time, context-aware graphical overlays on videos.

Imagine watching a live sports game and receiving instant player stats or game analysis right on your screen, just by asking the assistant about a certain player, event, or stat.

The patent describes a process where the assistant receives voice input during a video event. By analyzing the context of the video, it can identify participants and their locations, and then display relevant graphics directly over the video.

apple patent video overlay assistant
Users will be able to ask for various information about a video event.

Although potential devices on which this technology will be available weren’t specified, it makes sense for it to appear across Apple’s ecosystem, from iPhones and iPads to the Apple Vision Pro, which already supports screen overlays and voice commands in certain apps. However, the introduction of context-aware video overlays will elevate the immersion to the next level.

The use of video overlays extends beyond live sports. It can also be used in educational settings or virtual meetings, where the assistant could provide additional insights and contextual information in real-time.

Interestingly, the patent doesn’t explicitly mention Siri, instead only referring to “the assistant.” So, we have yet to see if this will be a part of Apple’s virtual assistant, or if Apple has other plans for it. Nevertheless, Siri is set to receive major AI-powered improvements, and the ability to generate on-demand video overlays could be one of them.

Video overlays have already been a feature for years in most live sports and other streaming services. However, custom-made, user-requested video overlays will revolutionize the way we watch videos on our devices.

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