Apple Celebrates Black History Month With Photos by Black Artists

Shot on iPhone Black History Month

Apple announced Tuesday that to celebrate Black History Month, it has commissioned over 30 Black photographers to capture and share their hometowns. All the photographers used an iPhone 12 Pro to take a variety of shots of their hometown.

‘Hometown’ Shots to Black History Month

The artists highlighted by Apple include Julien James from Washington D.C., Lawrence Agyei from Chicago; Gabriella Angotti-Jones from El Porto Beach and Ranchos Palos Verdes, California, Brian Day from Detroit, and Lelanie Foster from the Bronx, New York. I’ve picked a few of my favorite photographs below, but Apple shared others.

Other stories were published via the Apple Instagram page. Furthermore, Apple is celebrating Black History Month by launching new editorial collections and Today at Apple sessions. They will feature Black creators discussing how creativity can bring about change. For example, Bethany Mollenkof, who covered Los Angeles for the “Hometown,” photography project will also host a session next month. You can find out more information online:

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