Apple is using World Emoji Day as an opportunity to tout some of the new emojis coming in iOS 12. The company showed off new animals, foods, and characters, as well as this great animated look at new hair options for emojis.

Apple animated GIF of new hair options for emojis in iOS 12

New hair options for customizing emojis in iOS 12

Note the red hair and bald options, as well as the new hair styles.

New Expressive Faces

Apple also provided a preview of other new emojis, including these expressive characters.

Party face, pleading face cold face, and a face with hearts – new in iOS 12

Superheroes and Infinity

Apple is also adding an infinity symbol, or an infinite loop as math nerds have quipped for generations. Superheroes and an all-seeing eye are also in the works.

Infinite Loop, Superheroes, and an All-Seeing Eye

Infinite Loop, Superheroes, and an All-Seeing Eye

Food and Animals

Lastly, Apple showed us new food and animals being added in iOS 12. The peacock is stunning (for an emoji) when blown up, while the icing on the cupcake is a little suspect.

New food and animal emojis in iOS 12

New food and animal emojis in iOS 12

All in all, if you like emojis—and I luuuurrrrrvvvveeee emojis—iOS 12 is going to be a good update.

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