Apple Considering an Apple TV With a Built-in Camera, but Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Apple TV with an iOS camera icon

The Apple TV is the perfect accessory for those looking to create a smart home with HomeKit. However, it has been stagnant for a few years. Engineers at Apple are already thinking about new features, but they won’t be arriving soon.

According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman via his Power On newsletter, Apple is internally discussing the possibility of launching an Apple TV with a FaceTime camera. Thanks to this new feature, users would not only be able to make video calls, but also control the device with their hands. A system similar—but much less complex—than that of the Apple Vision Pro.

Gurman himself acknowledges that this is just a simple concept at Apple. There’s nothing set in stone, nor should you expect an imminent launch. People close to the company suggest that although Apple has discussed it, they do not expect a launch within the next five years.

The truth is that, as currently conceived, the Apple TV works very well. And if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. People at Cupertino are always thinking about ways to improve their products. However, the Apple TV isn’t really a priority now. They have launched the Apple Vision Pro, WWDC 2024 will take place in a couple of months, the iPhone 16 is launching in September, and the new iPad Air and Pro are just around the corner.

Right now, the company is focused on launching everything that is due and planning for what will come in the future. It seems like the updates to the Apple TV won’t be revolutionary in the short term. Instead, we could be looking at iterations to keep that product line alive until they can really focus on it. Although, once they do, it’ll be on a totally different level.


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