Apple EU Tax Case Appeal Ruling Due Next Week

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The ruling on Apple and Ireland’s appeal against an EU tax ruling is expected next week. The Irish government revealed earlier this week that it was expecting the ruling on Wednesday (via Reuters).

European Union flag

Apple-Ireland EU Tax Ruling Imminent

In a statement, Ireland’s Department of Finance said:

The State has been formally notified that the General Court of the European Union (GCEU) will deliver its judgment in the Apple State Aid case on 15th July.

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar commented that next week’s judgment will likely be appealed by one of the parties. On a visit earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook described his firm’s commitment to the country as “unshakeable.”

The case revolves around the EU’s claim that Apple owes 13 billion euros ($16 billion) in back taxes. Ireland is Apple’s European headquarters and the country granted it tax rules. In September, the Irish government and Apple launched an appeal against the original decision. At the time, Apple said that the decision ‘defies reality and common sense,’ and that the EU does not understand its business. The appeal was heard by the EU’s second-highest court.

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