Apple Founders Campaign Highlights European Developers in the App Store


Today Apple has launched a new campaign for European developers in its App Store going by the name Founders. The aim of this campaign is to spotlight certain developers using editorial support across Europe. Apple will also celebrate apps currently available from these developers.

Apple Founders Supports Small European Developers

As reported by TechRadar, nine developers are taking part in the new initiative. Developers such as Turborilla, Snowprint Studios and nada studio are highlighted. These nine developers were chosen by Cupertino specifically for their growth, ability to innovate and how their apps mirror the cultures and zeitgeist of the countries in which they’re based.

Furthermore, each developer will be given editorial support within the App Store. Users may go to the ‘Today’ tab in the App Store and view additional content featuring each developer. Apple will also hype these apps through social media and advertising channels.

With such a vast amount of content available through the App Store, being a new developer trying to make their way through the sea of apps can seem daunting. Apple’s introduction of Founders is a great way to help promote smaller apps.

Looking at the Apple Founders Apps

In the App Store, the following five apps made the Founders line-up:

  • Equilab by Equestrian Insights AB: This app is quickly becoming the world’s pre-eminent equestrian app and a go-to resource for over a 1 million riding fans. Apple talks with CEO Adam Torkelsson about building the app around the needs of the equestrian community.
  • Structured by Leonard Mehlig: An app focusing on structuring your time, developer Mehlig shares his work/study balance, as well as how users can find their focus.
  • Holy Owly English for Children by KidsMBA: Sisters Julie Bouton and Stéphanie Bourgeois created Holy Owly to help children between 3 and 12 learn English in a dynamic and engaging way. They also discuss how they continue to develop the app around the evolving needs of children.
  • Planta by Strömming AB: Planta shows users how to keep their plants happy even if they feel they might not have a green thumb. CEO Jesper Svensson talks with Apple about plant care advice.
  • Stoic by Stoic app inc.: Stoic helps users incorporate positive daily habits for the self. Founder Maciej Lobodzinski made the app after struggling with his own mental issues. Now, he’s determined to help other users “find their calm, one journal entry at a time”.

Looking at the Apple Founders Games

In addition to a selection of apps, Apple has also chosen to highlight a series of games. These include:

  • Mad Skills Motocross 3 by Turborilla: Held in high regards as one of the greatest in arcade racing games, Bryan Steley and the Turborilla team talk about how they have made their passion an arcade classic.
  • Rivengard by Snowprint Studios AB: This challenging strategy game is quick to learn, and CEO of Snowprint Studios Alexander Ekvall talks about the inspiration him and his team get from tabletop games to build this digital quest.
  • 1sland by nada studio: A game celebrating minimalism, 1sland takes users to a peacefully tranquil world with this mindful game. In terms of further content, brothers Sergio and Jacobo Abril tell Apple how the game has transformed their outlook on work-life balance. The two also discuss how they draw inspiration from the little things in life.
  • F-Sim Space Shuttle 2 by SkyTale Software GmbH: Developers Sascha Ledinksi and Mario Cada have created an authentic flight simulator so real even professional pilots are taking notice. Apple finds out how they went about achieving this.

What Could Be Next for Apple and the App Store

For Apple, this is great that Founders provides an opportunity for smaller developers. Providing them extra support with newsletters and social platforms will no doubt enlarge these curated apps’ imprint on the App Store.

As mentioned by TechRadar, this is a great feature for developers, but a focus on apps that highlight accessibility is something Apple should highly consider. Right now, reaching featured accessibility apps in the App Store requires a number of steps. For those curious, it is typically at the bottom of the ‘Apps’ section of the App Store.

However, the latest updates in iOS 16 show that Apple is still keeping accessibility users in mind.

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