Apple Gets Third Dutch Antitrust Fine

Apple Cash Money

The Dutch antitrust authority Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) issued a third weekly fine against Apple on Monday, Reuters reported. It totalled US$5.72 million and is for continued failure to allow third-party payment methods for dating apps in the App Store.

Apple Hit With US$5.7 Million Dutch Antitrust Fine

On Thursday, Apple said in post that it had made changes to comply with an ACM order on the dating apps issue. It said users in the Netherlands could use its in-app purchase system, a third-party system, or be directed to pay at the developer’s site with an in-app link.  However, ACM said it was not receiving enough information to agree that Apple had complied. It described itself as “disappointed in Apple’s behaviour and actions,”

In making the changes outlined, Apple said it will charge a 27% commission on transactions to apps allowed to link out or use third-party payments systems. This is just below the standard 30% it already charges developers. While the company claims this is “consistent with the ACM order”, the watchdog had not publicly commented on this at the time of this writing. Apple itself had issued no further comment following the fine. It is though appealing ACM’s decision. The company believes using alternative payments systems pose a security risk to users.

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