Since 2011 Apple’s Employee Giving Program Logged 1.6 Million Volunteer Hours

Apple employee Chandrika Raghunath

Apple posted some statistics for its Employee Giving Program on Wednesday along with some new stories for 2020. Since 2011 the program has raised almost US$600 million, supported 34,000 organizations around the world, and logged 1.6 million volunteer hours.

Apple Employee Giving Program

One major story involves Apple employees Anthony Garrett-Leverett, Joe Cayao, and their friends and colleagues. In March, Mr. Garrett-Leverett discovered has that colleague Mr. Cayao was using the material from his bow tie business to sew masks for those in need.

He coordinated his efforts with those of employees at a local parade company who were using excess fabric from old costumes that they wanted to make masks. With their combined efforts they created 14,000 face masks to distribute to hospitals, convalescent homes, and frontline workers throughout the Metro Detroit area. Joe Cayao:

It feels good that we were able to do our part to help take care of others, because this pandemic has been really rough for everyone. We were trying to just donate these to anyone who needed protection, because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

Another story involves Apple employee Chandrika Raghunath who, along with her teenage son and niece, volunteered her time virtually by making Keynote study guides for Abhyudaya, a school for disadvantaged children in India. Ms. Raghunath and her Apple colleagues devoted 300 hours to creating digital resources so students could continue their learning remotely.

A couple of other stories can be found in Apple’s announcement.

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