Apple Encourages Employees to Work From Home

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Apple Park

Apple is encouraging employees at its Apple Park headquarters to work from home due to the coronavirus cases in Santa Clara Valley.

Alleged Apple Employee Says 'Things are so Broken Here at Apple'

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A conversation on Hacker News from an alleged Apple employee says that things are broken at Apple and no one communicates.

Broken management structure. I have had many managers (a red flag in itself) but even worse none of the managers take suggestions from engineers. Everything is purely top down. If an engineer realizes there is a problem on a macro scale they cannot fix it. It is literally impossible to unite more than 1.5 teams to get anything done.

Obviously there is no way to tell if they are real or not (At least, my surface research for these linked teasers can’t tell). Another commenter mentions “overt sexism that I’ve been witness to in iCloud management…”

Thoughts on the Productivity of Apple Employees

· John Martellaro · Editorial

Apple Campus 1 (AC1)

Recently, Fast Company published an article on “Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive.” It’s probably true. John Martellaro dug into the article and found things to like as well as things to expand on based on his own experiences.