Apple goes Wireless with AirPods

Apple AirPods

Apple embraced wireless earbuds on Wednesday with the introduction of its AirPods earbuds. AirPods are designed to connect to the iPhone and Apple Watch over Bluetooth, and let you quickly switch between which device where they’re streaming audio.

Apple AirPods
Apple’s wireless stereo AirPods

AirPods stream stereo audio and include built-in microphones for noise reduction and phone calls.

Apple is touting its just announced W1 chip as the heart of AirPods. The chip provides better audio, and manages the AirPods’ built-in optical sensor, dual accelerometers, and microphone.

AirPods sport five hours battery life between charges, and the carrying case has a built-in battery you can use to recharge and extend that to 24 hours.

Apple will ship AirPods in October for US$150.

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it’s always the wires that yank my earbuds out of my ears. It’s also the wires that keep shorting out when I listen to my phone with earbuds for an extended time.

I still want to learn much, much more about this new W1 chip…


When I originally heard the rumors about the AirPods I thought it would simply be a Bluetooth version of the current EarPods. Now that the AirPods are announced, the amount of things Apple has packed into the AirPods really surprised me. If these thing can really do what they say they do, then this is some impressive engineering.


September 7, 2016
I’ve already lost mine.

That is funny


I’ve already lost mine.


Can’t wear/use the current gen “earpods”. Soooo danged uncomfortable

Mike Weasner

They work with older Macs but not iPhone 6s Plus? Curious.


It’s funny leading up to the announcement I had no interest at all, now I’m curious. With the design and battery life I may actually buy these.

Lee Dronick

These interest me. I hope that stay in my ear well enough under general use. At least with corded ear buds if they fall out they are still connected to my iPhone. Of course sometimes itis the cord that pulls the buds out.