Apple Halved Its AWS Spend in 2018

Imagining an Apple Data Center

Apple drastically reduced its cloud spending last year, halving the amount it spends on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It happened as part of the firm’s bid to become self-sufficient in providing cloud services.

Imagining an Apple Data Center

Move to Self-Sufficiency

Earlier this week it was reported that Apple spends around $30 million a month on AWS, making it one of the Amazon-run cloud provider’s biggest customers. However, it seems like this was actually far less that it had been paying. The Information reported Thursday that Apple significantly reduced the amount it paid to the supplier, slashing its AWS bill from $775 million in 2017 to $370 million in 2018.

Apple has long relied on the likes of Google and AWS in order to provide cloud-based services. However, it is increasingly moving to become self-sufficient and investing significantly to expand its own data centers.

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