New Zealand Man Gets a Surprise With New iPhone Purchase

Glen Cottle recently purchased a brand new iPhone for his partner. But upon opening the package, it might not be as brand new as he thought (via Stuff).

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Buyer Beware

After turning the iPhone on, Mr. Cottle found what appeared to be another person’s data already on the device:

It came up with someone else’s name, flight details, bank details, medical records and even some voice messages from the person’s daughter. I don’t know how that could happen.

Image of man holding previously used iphone
Credit: Stuff

He had access to the above data, as well as the person’s iTunes account, credit, and could control their smart home devices. But so far he hasn’t been able to contact the owner.

Some people on Reddit say it might be a demo unit, due to some of the information shown in the photos.

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Lee Dronick

Well he didn’t buy it directly from Apple.