iCloud Lawsuit Says Terms of Service are Misleading

Two Apple users have filed a class action iCloud lawsuit against the company for misleading terms of service (via ZDNet).

Third-Party Storage

In Apple’s iOS security guide, the company discloses that it uses third-party cloud storage like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The data is encrypted, but Apple’s iCloud terms of service don’t mention third-party cloud storage.

The selection of a cloud storage provider is a significant and material consideration, as it involves entrusting all of a user’s stored data—including sensitive information like photographs, documents of all kinds, and e-mail content—to be stored by the cloud storage provider. Thus, users have an interest in who is offering this storage and taking custody of their data.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Florida resident Andrea M. Williams and California resident James Stewart in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. As a class-action suit, its being filed on behalf of all Apple customers in the United States who paid for an iCloud subscription from August 25, 2015 to the present day.

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One thought on “iCloud Lawsuit Says Terms of Service are Misleading

  • They would have to show that their particular data was stored on non Apple servers.
    They would have to show that they were harmed by this.
    They would have to show that Apple deliberately misled their customers.
    Three strikes
    You’re out
    This suit is going nowhere fast.

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