Apple’s U.S. Job Footprint is Now 2.4 Million

Apple employees

Apple’s U.S. job footprint has hit 2.4 million, four times the size it was in 2011, the company revealed Thursday. It directly employees 90,000 people across all 50 states. Furthermore, the company remained on track to directly contribute $350 billion to U.S. economy by 2023.

Apple employees
90,000 people are directly employed by Apple (Image: Apple)

App Economy Booming

Apple said 1.9 million of the jobs it supported are within the app economy. This increased by 325,000 since 2016. Indeed, some states have seen rapid growth in that time. In North Carolina there were almost 15,000 new jobs, a 43 percent increase. Florida added 30,000 new jobs – a 50 percent increase. Pennsylvania increased app economy jobs by 64 percent from 2016, hitting 67,000 today.

Apple Expanding U.S. Suppliers

The company directly employees 90,000 people across all 50 states. This is set to increase by 20,000 by 2023.

Furthermore, in 2018, it spent $60 billion with 9,000 American suppliers. That supported 450,000 U.S. jobs. Suppliers included Maccor, a battery test systems manufacturer.  Apple is “a company where quality is paramount,” its President Andy Mackay commented. “They push us constantly to see if we can make improvements in our commercial product,” he added.

Other examples of supplier growth included Broadcom and Finisar. Apple entered into an agreement with Broadcom in June to purchase high performance radio frequency components. Finisar received $390 million via Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund in December 2017. Consequently, the manufacturer will fill 500 full-time position in Texas and create nearly 1,000 construction jobs. It will ship lasers used to power FaceID in the coming months.

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