Apple ID Could Soon Be Rebranded To Apple Account

Apple ID Rebranded to Apple Account

According to a new report, Apple is considering rebranding Apple ID to Apple Account. It’s worth noting that Apple has been using the former term for over a decade now. But it seems like this could soon change.

This change could likely occur later this year, with potential release alongside the release of iOS 18 (Codename Crystal) and macOS 15 (Codename Glow). Both of them are expected to debut at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Hence, it will come across Apple devices.

The report points out that the phrase, “Apple Account” is already visible in Apple’s support document, including in larger phrases like “Apple Account Balance“. This suggests that rebranding plans might be cooking at Cupertino headquarters.

Should Apple proceed with the rumored rebranding to Apple Account, all system applications will undergo updates to fit the change. Similarly, Apple will remove all references to Apple ID. At least, eventually.

There Might Be, There Might Be Not

It is unclear why Apple might want to rebrand Apple ID to Apple Account—whether they have a good reason or feel like it. Additionally, there’s a chance they might not proceed with the idea at all, or that the rumor isn’t true. For reference, before Apple publicly released the visionOS, there were at least three rumored names: realityOS, xrOS, and visionOS.

Nevertheless, it might seem like a significant change. However, among users, Apple ID and Apple Account have been synonymous with each other. And if rumors are to be believed, it’s merely a rebranding and means no new features.

Furthermore, if Apple makes these changes, it might have to request third-party developers to make the necessary changes to align with the rebranding.

Regardless of what lies ahead, Apple has significant plans for this year, which include introducing AI features in iOS 18. It also canceled its Project Titan, a.k.a. the Apple Car, and reportedly reassigned the team to AI development instead.


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