Apple Could Improve Photos App With Regaind Acquisition

Apple has acquired a small French startup called Regaind. It’s a computer vision company that uses machine learning to analyze the contents of photos. Regaind can also analyze faces to figure out gender, age, and emotion. Apple acquired the company earlier this year, so we don’t know if iOS 11 already makes use of this technology, or if it will come in a future version of iOS and the photos app (via TechCrunch).

Photo Analyzation

The computer vision API could enhance intelligent search in the photos app, which is pretty lackluster. But Regaind goes further than intelligent search. Its algorithms can actually judge photos based on technical and aesthetic values. Categories like aesthetics, sharpness, exposure value, colors, and properties are among its forte.

Screenshot of the criteria used to judge photos by Regaind. It could be implemented in Apple's photos app.

Apple could use this computer vision in a number of ways. Besides search, it could improve face detection in photos, or group photos based on color or aesthetic value. I’m thinking that an auto-generated “Best Photos” album would be nice. The technology can also enhance the iPhone X’s Face ID sensor, or the animojis.

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