The One After 909 – Mac Geek Gab 910

Listen as your two favorite geeks share tips and tricks about sharing photo libraries, writing Shortcuts, scanning pictures with your iPhone, choosing the best USB or Thunderbolt dock, and more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things along with Dave and John in this week’s episode of Mac Geek Gab.

Consulting Advice, Quick Tips, and DSM 7.0 — Mac Geek Gab 878

If you’re a computer consultant, how do you manage your billing? Like many of you listening, Dave and John both spent time as consultants, too. Listen as they talk about some of the practices — and problems — they experienced! Synology’s DSM 7.0 is out, too, and you’re going to want to listen before you install. That, plus some Quick Tips, Photos, and even a few Cool Stuff Found items from the most recent Pepcom round out the episode. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

Do Attachments Last Forever? — Mac Geek Gab 829

What happens to Mail attachments in your archive? Have you ever done a three finger drag? How do you manage your trash can? We mean *really* manage it? All these questions — and a lot more — are answered for you this week as Dave and John pour through the mailbag and help you learn at least five new things. Press play and enjoy listening as your two favorite geeks help make it all happen!

Export Shared Photos and Videos With ‘GrannySmith’

GrannySmith is a new tool from Tyler Hall that can export shared photos and videos from Apple Photos, including their comments and likes. They will be exported in a date-based folder structure to keep them organized. If photos and videos are stored in iCloud, GrannySmith will download the originals.

I also want to point out that GrannySmith does not store or transmit your photos, videos, comments, etc. off your Mac. Everything is done 100% locally. I see none of your data and don’t want to see any of your data. Keep all those cute kid pictures to yourself.

How to Dig Into the Apple Photos SQLite Database

Now here’s a cool article I found last night. Simon Willison found the SQLite database that Apple Photos uses. It contains photo metadata as well as the aesthetic scoring system that the machine learning uses. Further, there are numeric categories used to label content within photos. For example, Category 2027 is for Entertainment, Trip, Travel, Museum, Beach Activity, etc. I think the quality scores are particularly interesting. There are scores for noise, composition, lively color, harmonious color, pleasant lighting/pattern/perspective, and a bunch more. I bet Apple’s acquisition of Regaind contributed to this.

This is Where You Cut Me Off – Mac Geek Gab 788

Cleaning up your Photos libraries, Protecting against ransomware, remapping keyboard shortcuts, and Catalina’s USB drive crashes are just a few of the important questions your two favorite geeks hit in this week’s show. There’s more, including some Cool Stuff Found and some Quick Tips that will blow your mind. Listen as John and Dave share each of these, helping you learn at least five new things this week!