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Cleaning up your Photos libraries, Protecting against ransomware, remapping keyboard shortcuts, and Catalina’s USB drive crashes are just a few of the important questions your two favorite geeks hit in this week’s show. There’s more, including some Cool Stuff Found and some Quick Tips that will blow your mind. Listen as John and Dave share each of these, helping you learn at least five new things this week!

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3 thoughts on “This is Where You Cut Me Off – Mac Geek Gab 788

  • DiskWarrior is at minute 1:22. But the problem is Apple not releasing documentation about how to write to APFS disks:

    DiskWarrior 5.2 & Apple File System (APFS)
    What’s in the works
    The next major release of DiskWarrior will include the ability to rebuild APFS disks. Apple has recently released the “Read” portion of the APFS format documentation. Our developers are now waiting for the “Write” portion of documentation to update DiskWarrior to be able to safely rebuild Apple File System (APFS) disks.

    Please, send feedback to Apple about it:

  • also, one other little comment.   I know the command-plus/minus is a pretty far under the hood shortcut in the finder… and what I’m about to mention is probably one of those things everyone knows… but command-1, command-2, command-3 and command-4 are quick ways to go between icon, list, column, and gallery view.  True, the shortcuts are there in big letters on the top of the “view” menu… but it’s not really a shortcut until you use it… (if a tree falls in the woods…) and that’s a set of key commands I use on a daily basis…   

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