Apple Photos App Gets Major Security and Usability Upgrades in iOS 18

the Photos Access

Apple’s popular Photos app is getting some major changes this fall, in both security and user experience. The announcement at WWDC 2024 brings new changes that will let users have better control over their photos (and videos) and also make the app smarter and easier to use.

Let’s start with security, third-party apps will have to face stricter scrutiny before being allowed to access your photo library. Users will also have more granular control, allowing them to create a specific sub-library of photos for each app, which helps them keep sensitive content out of reach.

For example, users could exclude sensitive images and videos from any third-party app access, even if the app otherwise has “full” access to the Photo Library.

Apple Insider

Finding specific photos is also getting easier. You’ll be able to simply describe what you’re looking for, and the AI will do the rest. Creating albums is faster, too, and the app will automatically generate collections and highlight reels based on your memories, thanks to Apple Intelligence.

These new features will be available with the upcoming iOS 18 update, expected in fall 2024. However, the full AI experience might require an iPhone 15 Pro or access to Apple’s Private Cloud Compute for devices that don’t have the processing power on-device.

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