Apple’s office in South Korea has proposed 100 billion won (US$84 million) in donations to small businesses, consumers, and manufacturers to address concerns of antitrust (via Reuters).

Apple Korea Donations

The Korea Fair Trade Commission has been investigating Apple’s local office over claims it abused its dominant position forcing mobile carriers to pay for advertising and warranty repairs.

As part of the proposal, Apple pledged to offer 40 billion won to build a research and development center for Korea’s small manufacturers, and 25 billion won towards education to developers. A further 25 billion won will go towards consumer discounts and warranty repair costs. If KFTC finds these donations suitable it will close the investigation.

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John Kheit

Oh my God. Irony is dead in Korea. Considering Samsung owns that entire country lock Stock and barrel, it’s leaders have been convicted multiple times of horrible oppressive anti-competitive violations. But Apple needs to pay some thing in Korea? What a joke.